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Cranking up safety awareness.

Ever popular, we take a few minutes to look at just why the crank operated blind is a stalwart for Facilities Managers in the education sector. Crank operated blinds are one of our most popular systems for schools and colleges,…

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Child Safe Crank Operated Blinds - Glyn Derw - Swanmac Ltd

Education Buildings Wales: 17th – 18th June Cardiff University

A partner event between Welsh Government and Cardiff University, Education Buildings Wales was developed by an advisory group of education professionals to focus on the funding, design, build, management and maintenance of schools, colleges and universities across Wales. The event…

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Anti-ligature blinds for the education sector

According to The National Student, 82% of students suffer with, or have suffered from stress and anxiety. 45% have experienced depression while 1 in 5 have experienced suicidal feelings. Suicide records have been growing amongst UK university students – often…

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Anti-ligature blinds - Swanmac

Turning the spotlight onto natural light

Our ancestors didn’t have access to artificial lighting. For thousands of years, human life revolved around daylight as the only aid for time, direction and visibility. Technology has progressed so that we aren’t as reliant on natural light as we…

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Throwing light on Blackout Blinds for business

Blackout fabric has long been a part of everyday life.  In fact, in its infancy, it could be considered lifesaving.  The earliest uses of blackout blinds were during World War II, when civilians used blackout curtains to protect themselves by…

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Blackout Blinds for offices, schools and hospitals

Throwing light on modern day window blinds

Window blinds are a décor convention in offices, hospitals, lecture halls and even in the home. As simple as blinds may seem, they are not an invention that has been developed specifically for the modern home. Way back in the…

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