dFend durablend for Hospital Corridors

Are your walls protected?

Do you want to save on maintenance costs?


We all know what a busy hospital is like with the hustle and bustle of patients, visitors, nurses and care staff. Not to mention the porters moving a variety of trolleys, beds and equipment that often urgently require moving from A to B….


Hospital corridors are like the main arteries of the hospital and are used every hour of every day throughout the year. So they should be kept to a safe and clean standard at all times. Swanmac ltd can help by offering their very own market leading range of wall protection and crash rail to the Health Care market. An ecologically sound, PVC- free, recyclable product which is supported by stringent fire ratings, dFend durablend is also impregnated with anti bacterial additives. It can truly be described as unique – offering protection at both the macroscopic and microscopic levels!

About dFend durablend:


dFend durablend from Swanmac is a very special product developed for use where tough, hygienic and ecologically sound wall protection systems are prerequisites.

Many of the Swanmac crashrails, wall protection components and doorsets are comprised from dFend durablend material, making them inherently resistant to damage and chemicals whilst still easy to clean and maintain to a high standard.

dFend durablend has certification to support its antimicrobial properties, and it remains free of toxic compounds. dFend durablend is also UV stable and virtually eliminates the expansion and contraction problems associated with traditional PVC -based materials. Equally important, in the event of forced combustion, dFend durablend does not emit the life threatening toxic fumes produced by the ignition of PVC-based substrates. dFend durablend has been tested for its flame retardant properties and has a fire rating certified to the latest stringent European Standards.

This equates to a market leading range of PVC -free products encompassing all the essential characteristics expected from protection systems.