Disposable Curtains

Swanmac disposable curtains are made from 100% recyclable polypropylene making them extremely durable and can last for over 12 months.
A clear and simple label on each curtain allows anyone to see when the curtain was last changed, also each curtain bares a “No Entry” label to provide full privacy for the patient.

Why choose disposable over standard curtains?
  1. Infection Control.  Protected with a antimicrobial Biosafe coating.
  2. Flame Retardant.  BS5867-2: Type C 2008 Standard
  3. Disposable.  Safe & Hygenic
  4. Water Proof.  These curtains can be used as shower curtains.

5 curtains per box
All curtains are 7.5m wide x 2m drop
A color choice of 4 medical colours.  Please ask for samples
* 10% discount is available on curtain orders only

Disposable Curtains Can save Hospitals money and time in Laundry bills.

Look at what NHS in Wales spent on laundry in 2011/2012 below:

Analysis of Health Board/Trust laundry and linen data 4.6.1

In 2011/12 a total of 31,028,948 laundry and linen pieces were processed at a cost of £11,982,245. Compared with the figures for 2010/11, the number of pieces decreased by 1,124,571 (-3.5%) and the processing costs decreased by £473,469 (-3.8%). This has resulted in the average cost/item staying virtually the same at 38.6p.

(Taken from: THE NHS ESTATE IN WALES Facilities Performance Report 2011/12, Swanmac ltd recognise that these costs are for ALL laundry services, including bedding and clothing as well as traditional fabric curtains.)