Swanmac complete another fantastic project in Gatwick.

Swanmac are thrilled to have completed their latest project in Gatwick, Surrey. The successful installation of 200 sunscreen roller blinds at this premium office space was achieved in just one day!

Sunscreen is a high-performance fabric as it cuts out 95% of the sun’s Infrared and Ultraviolet light.  Infrared light creates heat build-up, whist the Ultraviolet light is responsible for fading fabrics. In an office environment, this can be detrimental to both the well-being and productivity of staff.

Our sunscreen roller blinds will allow light through the fabric, whilst reducing the glare of the sun significantly, thus helping to maintain a healthy and comfortable working environment.

“Although Swanmac was established, and is still, based in south Wales, we are delighted to continue to grow our UK-wide client base with recent projects in the South East of England, the West Midlands and further North”, said Thomas Swanson.