Swanmac install 800 sunscreen roller blinds at brand new University of the West of England site.

With a recent investment of £55 million, the University of the West of England’s (UWE’s) new Faculty of Business and Law will be opening its doors in January 2017.

This significant investment is just a part of the University’s massive £250 million development.  Following its purchase of 70 acres of land, UWE is striving to increase and improve its infrastructure, which will transform the campus and student facilities over a 4-year period. And we are delighted to be a part of such a significant development!

Swanmac has been commissioned to install 800 sunscreen roller blinds in the teaching areas, which includes classrooms and lecture theatres.  The blinds will reduce sun glare and help to provide a comfortable learning environment. We’re also installing wall protection on the ground floor.

Installation of the blinds has already started and will be completed in the new year in readiness for the first academic term of 2017.