Swanmac install heavy weight curtain at Swansea University.

Fulton House is a Grade II listed building at Swansea University and is home to a wide range of student services which includes several shops restaurants.

Swanmac were recently commissioned to install a heavy duty blackout curtain and track within the refectory at Fulton House. Using a heavy duty Hall Stage T70 curtain track, we were able to reach an impressive 38 meters in width, with a 7 meters drop!

The curtain was lined in order to achieve 100% blackout –  and the entire installation weighed over half a ton!

To ensure that the installation was entirely safe, our team worked alongside a structural engineer and used high level access towers and crowd barriers to enable us to complete the installation without disturbing the busy refectory.

In total, the installation took just three 3 days to complete. We are delighted with the resulting finish!



External image courtesy of ACS Cleaning