Commercial awnings help to support UK business

Here in the UK, businesses are consistently looking for the most appropriate way of increasing productivity and therefore revenue.   For the retail and hospitality sector this often begins with maximizing the space available for their customers. And thanks to changes in technology and consumer behaviour many opportunities have been created through the use of awnings and external shading solutions.

When looking to maximize space, it can be costly or unpractical to extend premises.  However, the use of commercial awnings (or external shading) can extend indoor space, outside.  The awning must, of course, be ‘fit for purpose’ and continuous development and technological improvement means that a suitable product is readily available, often a retractable, freestanding or pergola awning.

In addition to the additional space created, the fabric and style of awning used must be able to withstand the local climate. Many of us agree that weather patterns have changed in recent years with increased rainfall and/or wind storms. It is vital that this, and the use of the extended space is considered before any awning is purchased and installed.

Consumer behaviour
Changes in consumer behaviour bring clear business opportunities.  A prime example is the café culture that has boomed in recent years.  UK consumers spent £7.9bn in coffee houses in 2016.  Indeed the British may no longer be considered a nation of tea drinkers perhaps as we are seemingly more eager to enjoy a latte or espresso! And it is expected that there will be over 30,000 coffee houses in the UK by 2025. This brings an obvious opportunity, for retailers to extend seating areas and create space that will provide a comfortable environment for customers to enjoy their services ‘in house’ rather than ‘to go’.

Swanmac offer a range of awning and external shade products that include retractable, pergola, freestanding and drop arm in addition to fabric barrier panels.  These are all manufactured and designed to match our clients’ functional needs and aesthetic branding.  If you would like to find out more about commercial awnings, fabric panels please contact us today!