Anti-ligature blinds for Mental Health Service Providers

One third of suicide cases are carried out by those who are known by Mental Health Services (Mind, 2016).  In 2015 there were over 6,000 suicide cases in the UK and whilst the numbers are decreasing, it is generally accepted that those in Mental Health Hospitals, Psychiatric Wards and Prisons are at a higher risk of suicide attempts – and this is usually through use of a ligature.

An anti-ligature product eliminates the points where a cord, rope, or bed sheet (for example) can be looped or tied to a fixture to create a point of ligature, which may result in self harm or death.  Swanmac offers a range of products to mental health service providers that eliminate the risk of self harm and suicide of service users whilst in their care.

Our Kestrel® magnetic anti-ligature products include a range of curtain tracks, roller blinds, vertical blinds and also a range of cloakroom equipment to ensure an entirely safe bedroom and bathroom environment.

Appliances such as curtain tracks and blinds are held by short-range magnetic attraction. The magnetic brackets are discreet and attractive and should an abnormal weight be applied, the magnetic force is overcome and the fitting separates, immediately releasing the load.

The beauty of our anti-ligature lies not only in their safety however. Because many of these products are magnetic, they can be used again and again.

For further details on any of our anti-ligature roller blinds, vertical blinds or curtain track products, please download our brochure or call the Swanmac sales team on 029 2081 1458.