Bespoke Window Manifestations for the Concord Museum in Bristol

Aerospace Bristol is a brand new industrial heritage museum that opens in late Summer 2017.  It is a museum that will tell the story of Bristol’s aerospace industry.

Bristol is known worldwide for its world-class aerospace track record and this has led it to becoming home to many aviation heavyweights including BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce and Airbus.  There is also a very strong connection with the infamous Concord.

In the 1950s, Bristol Aircraft in Filton began work on the design of a supersonic airliner and components for the approved design were made on two production lines, one in Toulouse and one in Filton.  The museum showcases the technology of Concord, from conception, right through to it’s very last landing which was rather fittingly, back at Filton.

Producing something befitting such a story, Swanmac installed a range of custom-made window manifestations in the shape of Concord itself. An appropriate tribute to an iconic piece of aerospace engineering!