150 vertical blinds for Trem-y-Cwm retirement complex

Trem-y-Cwm retirement apartments, in the heart of south Wales, is a complex of one and two-bedroom apartments designed to promote the health and well-being of its residents.

Developed as a partnership project between Trivallis and Morganstone, building began during the summer of 2016 on the site of a previous complex, since demolished.

The design of this stunning development includes private balconies to every apartment, a range of seating and communal areas including a magnificent terraced first-floor garden.  In support of this project, Swanmac have supplied and installed 150 vertical blinds. These blinds enable residents to control their privacy whilst always being able to enjoy as much light and community involvement as they wish.

This new development includes secure parking and landscaped garden areas. This provides a superb environment for the residents and their visitors and also aesthetically improves the environment for local residents in the area.