High level blackout blinds for Trimsaran School

On September 7th, the new Trimsaran school opens its doors to pupils for the first time.  The school has been built on the site of the previous school in Carmarthenshire, which was previously thought to be in too poor condition for continued use.

In addition to providing 30 nursery places, the school will cater for 210 pupils and is a part of the Welsh Government’s 21st Century Schools initiative and the Council’s Modernising Education programme.  Total investment in these programmes to date runs at an impressive £240 million across 41 projects.

Working with contractors Dawnus, Swanmac has supplied and installed heavy duty blackout roller blinds to all Trimsaran classrooms including a heavy duty electrically operated blinds at height in the school hall.

Maintaining temperature and allowing light to be minimised when required, these blinds are adaptable when needed; giving control in particular at the difficult to manage high level, through electrical operation.

We wish the pupils well in their brand new school!