Printed commercial blinds – your unsung marketing heros!

We often extol the benefits of commercial blinds as your window shading of choice.  In addition to being space-saving and stylish, they importantly provide protection from the sun’s glare and allow you to precisely adapt the level of light that enters a room, if any.  And blinds will maintain heat and keep your room cool.  But it doesn’t stop there.

Window blinds are practical.  For precise yet flexible cover at height, radio operated blinds allow you to easily adjust coverage as the sun moves.   So even with the logistical challenges that high-level windows bring, you can still benefit from maximum light or shading when we need it.

If you regularly read our case studies, you’ll know all of this. However, there are additional benefits to blinds that we don’t often discuss.

We are able to print directly onto blinds, and this can really bring your shading solution to life!  Printed blinds create atmosphere in an office, a classroom, bedroom, gymnasium or atrium.  Whether it’s a simple colour, a pattern or an image, printed blinds have the ability to create your desired ambiance in a way that curtains can’t.

In many instances logo printed blinds provide additional promotion for businesses; when in use the logo can be visible both internally and externally. This allows the branding to become visible to external footfall which is effectively free advertising! This is of particular benefit if you are positioned on a main road, or high footfall pedestrian area, and can act as a signpost for visitors and clients.    Internally, logo printed blinds continue the process of brand re-iteration amongst your staff and can become a key element of your internal branding.

We encourage our clients to think creatively when using printed blinds.   This includes brand colours, the logo, products and also the inclusion of telephone numbers, opening hours and even website addresses.  All of these elements add value by maintaining your promotional activity, signposting clients to your business and reinforcing your brand to your people.

But printed roller blinds are not logo exclusive.  A versatile product, they are available in in a wide variety of colours and textures – your blinds can be entirely unique to your business.

Commercial window blinds are a highly versatile and value adding element to your office space and, we believe, an effective marketing asset too!