Electric blinds – enabling versatility to windows at height

High level windows are often found in most new lecture theatres, classrooms, school halls, stairwells and in many other large communal spaces.  This is because modern architecture aims to allow as much natural light to flow through buildings as possible, and often, this comes from above.

This leads to stunning building design.  However, the practicalities of every-day work or teaching dictate that we cannot have people climbing up and down ladders to adjust these windows or the blinds that adorn them – and that’s before we mention health and safety. It is also essential that those using the building, whether students, teachers, staff or the public, have the ability to finely tune the amount of light to suit their needs.

The solution is our electrically operated blinds.  We’ve seen an increasing number of designs with high-level windows and our electrically operated roller blinds have provided the ideal solution time and time again.

These blinds are easy to use and through a remote-control switch, and offer pinpoint accuracy. This is particularly useful during winter months when the sun is low in the sky. The mechanics of these blinds are robust and reliable enough to cope well with heavy usage, yet neatly designed so that the blinds retain their elegance.

All in all, a high-end and versatile shading solution!

These images show an installation of high level electrically operated blinds by Swanmac at Caldicot School