Throwing light on Blackout Blinds for business

Blackout fabric has long been a part of everyday life.  In fact, in its infancy, it could be considered lifesaving.  The earliest uses of blackout blinds were during World War II, when civilians used blackout curtains to protect themselves by hiding the lights inside their homes from night time bombings.

Times have moved on and whilst there isn’t currently a need to hide oneself from night time bombings, blackout blinds are a common and popular choice for domestic and commercial interior decoration. These products are easy to install, lightweight and have a number of benefits that make blackout blinds a popular feature in many homes and workspaces.

Blackout blinds are highly effective in stopping sunlight penetrating a room. The fabric runs within channels with the aim of blocking out light at around the edges so that no light can permeate the room.  As the product blocks out light, they’re a perfect sleeping aid for those with unconventional sleeping pattern. For example, those who work night shifts, and so sleep during the day, or students perhaps, who often work long into the night! They are also perfect for hospital ‘on-call’ sleeping stations.

When it comes to workspaces, schools and universities, blackout blinds provide the perfect solution when audio visual equipment is in use for presentations, classes and lectures. The removal of light ensures that the AV equipment is as effective as possible, providing the best possible presentation or lecture experience.

Finally, blackout blinds are natural insulators. In winter they retain heat and keep rooms warm, and during the summer they prevent heat entering and so maintain rooms at the optimum temperature.

And as natural insulators, these blinds also insulate sound in the room which is ideal for office spaces dealing with important and personal data. They also prevent noise from penetrating the room and so if used in bedrooms, allow inhabitants to sleep soundly during the day by offering the user complete privacy, whether it be at home or in an office or workspace.

From a practical perspective, blackout blinds can be fitted to blackout any point of light entry, and can be operated by the conventional chain pull, a crank handle, or even motorised by remote control or wall switch. Blackout fibres can be woven between two layers of coloured fabric so that the blinds match personal preference, keeping domestic and commercial spaces stylish and private!