Wand Operated Vertical Blinds for Morriston Hospital

A re-vamped Morriston Hospital created a need to bring Clinical Services Staff together.  As a result, a £19m design by Stantec, with construction led by BAM Construction was developed.

The new building in place, has a classic, simple design which has provided a more efficient and comfortable environment for over 500 staff – allowing them to work together, as opposed to being positioned in disparate locations. Bringing theses teams together also resulted in the freeing up of space in the main hospital for ongoing clinical expansion.

The project was not straightforward.  Budget was tight, but the quality of the final working environment was not up for debate!  It had to be maintained, and improved which included maximising daylight and enhancing views without a negative impact on office ergonomics.

The resulting design formed a ‘u-shape’ with central courtyard. This encouraged the sharing of facilities via the central wing, but also allowed autonomy where required via the two bordering wings.

Swanmac were instructed to supply and install 200 wand operated vertical blinds to all windows. Wand operated vertical blinds allow slats to be drawn to the left or right or middle. Slats are tilted by simply twisting the wand.  The operation is smooth, silent and allows the user a high level of precision. We also installed Silent Gliss cubicle tracks and manifestations.

We were delighted to deliver this installation and support the ongoing improvement in office and clinical environments in the health sector in Wales.