PVC Flexicurtain System for Veterinary Post-Mortem Facility

The Langford Vets Farm Animal Practice provides a dedicated round-the-clock service for farms, smallholdings, and pet owners across Somerset.

A team of Official Veterinarians (O.V.s) the team is able to test all species for Tuberculosis and, carry out surveillance on other diseases.  During an outbreak, the ability to provide an on-site laboratory and post-mortem facilities enables a quick diagnosis which is crucial during infectious outbreaks.

Swanmac recently installed a PVC Flexicurtain system in the post-mortem facility.

Flexicurtain is an industrial draw-aside curtaining system that is ideal for diving large areas of a building, allowing it to become temporarily segregated.  This also helps to manage cross-contamination, should this be an issue.   The curtains have viewing (or vision) panels allowing those outside the area to observe activity and being made from PVC material, is easily cleaned.