Manifestations and Roller Blinds for £14.4m student development, Coventry

A joint project between Crosslane Student Developments and Harrison Street Real Estate Capital, this £14.4m development will result in a 5-storey building which houses 266 cluster bedrooms.

Due for completion in August, each of the flats will contain either 4 or 7 bedrooms. Each cluster will share a lounge, kitchen and dining area.  On-site common rooms will offer a games zone, study area and gym.

The building will also boast a stunning design, with a bronze standing seam façade.  The lower half of the building will be brick (to the second floor) and the roof will proudly host a Sedum living roof.

We have been instructed by CREATE Construction to install Window Manifestations and Roller Blinds to 266 bedrooms.  Window manifestations provide privacy and safety whilst our space-saving roller blinds provide the all essential protection from the sun’s rays. We’ll be onsite during August 2020 and are looking forward to it!


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