Swanmac to install at premiership rugby team training ground

The development of a brand new £11.5m training ground for premiership rugby team Bristol Bears is currently underway.  The team will move from their current ground near Cribbs Causeway to the new one in Failand later this summer.

The brand-new facility will include two full-sized pitches with a mix of real and artificial grass and also an indoor roofed half-pitch.  A two-storey pavilion alongside the pitches will comprise a state-of-the-art gym, lecture theatre, medical rooms and also an eight people hydrotherapy pool.

Swanmac will be onsite during the coming weeks to install fully cassetted blackout blinds to this fantastic new training ground.  Cassetted blinds come complete with side-channels that ensure the movement of the blind is minimal, stopping any light leakage into the room. This along with the blackout fabric, will ensure that complete blackout is achieved.   Powder-coated, the blinds will be coloured to suit the interior design of the new training ground.

Bristol Bears have had a phenomenal season and the team here at Swanmac wish them ongoing success!


images courtesy of: https://www.northsomersettimes.co.uk/news/bristol-bears-on-track-to-build-training-facility-in-failand-and-abbots-leigh-by-2020-1-6233791