Anti-ligature blinds for the education sector

According to The National Student, 82% of students suffer with, or have suffered from stress and anxiety. 45% have experienced depression while 1 in 5 have experienced suicidal feelings. Suicide records have been growing amongst UK university students – often using a ligature.

Ligature is anything that can be used for tying or binding, such as a cord used to control blinds. With a growing number of student suicides throughout the UK, an anti-ligature system eliminates the threat of self-harm or suicide in an environment where students experience mental health issues.

In a previous blog we discussed the use of anti-ligature blinds in the mental health sector, which you can find here. The issues raised in the mental health sector can also be applied to the educational system. While natural light and controlling it is important, the risks ligature presents to health shouldn’t be overlooked.

Blinds may still be used to control natural light in bedrooms and student accommodation while eliminating ligature risk through the use anti-ligature blinds. We understand the importance of safety in education and have created a range of anti-ligature, motorised blinds that promotes safety without compromising shade and style.

For further details on any of our anti-ligature products, including roller blinds, vertical blinds and curtain tracks, please contact the Swanmac team on 02920 811 458.