When to choose dimout or blackout blinds

In choosing fabric for roller blinds, we can be spoilt for choice.  There are so many colours, patterns and fabrics to choose from, however, this should never be the starting point of the decision-making process.

Functionality should come first – every time and without fail!

Management of sunlight

For commercial working spaces, offices and classrooms it’s likely that dimout blinds are the preferred option.  Dimout fabrics come in a range of densities which allow the fabric to block out the sun’s rays to varying degrees. Dimout roller blinds ensure privacy and provide protection from harmful rays whilst allowing natural light to flow into the room.  The perfect working solution!

Complete blackout

It’s universally accepted that natural light is good for us all. However, there are instances when natural is not required.  In particular, this is the case for lecture theatres and meeting rooms when slideshows and PowerPoint presentations require absolute darkness.  It also goes without saying that student accommodation and hospital wards often require complete blackout for those sleeping at any time of the day or night. Usually, in solid colours, these blinds provide total blackout – ensuring that 100% of the sun’s rays cannot permeate through.

When the functionality of the blinds to be installed has been agreed, it’s at this point that the ambience of the room should be taken into consideration and so we begin to think about the colour, pattern, fabric or print of the blinds.  Many businesses take the opportunity of additional branding that printed blinds allow. But at the very least, colour co-ordinated blinds that are aligned to an organisations brand, or interior design are available. Dimout fabric lends itself particularly well to printed patterns or images.  As light hits the back of the blind, the front appears almost illuminated and can be quite striking, bringing an image or pattern to life!

The team here at Swanmac are always on hand to provide advice when it comes to the functionality, performance and aesthetic feel of our shading solutions. All you need to do is call a member of the team on 029 2081 1458. We’d be delighted to help!