Cleaning and maintaining your commercial blinds

Immediately after having blinds installed, your office, hospital, school or student accommodation windows will certainly have the WOW factor!  Modern blinds, whether they are roller, vertical, venetian, blackout or sunscreen all look stylish. And thanks to a variety of fabrics and colours, will be perfectly suited to your designed interior.

But with time and usage, your blinds will inevitably attract dust and dirt. So how do you ensure that your blinds are functional and look as good as the day they were installed?  Here’s how:

Vertical Blinds

Enjoyed for the levels of privacy they offer; vertical blinds are often installed into offices and meeting rooms.  They can be cleaned with a damp cloth, wiping down each of the vertical louvres.  Whilst vertical blinds do tend to attract less dust than other blinds, the headrail will need occasional cleans.  To do this, each slat should be gently un-clipped and removed from the brackets (lay them somewhere safe and flat when they are not hanging). The headrail can then be wiped with a damp cloth.  Each slat should be cleaned as it is being replaced. If any are damaged, our maintenance team will be happy to discuss repairs or replacements.

Roller Blinds

Our most popular product, roller blinds are a highly robust option for any areas, particularly schools, universities, offices and retail units. Our commercial roller blinds are made using easy-to-wipe fabric.  It naturally repels dirt, however, with heavy usage, roller blinds will need regular cleaning to ensure that they consistently look as perfect as the day they were installed.

Roller blinds should be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove every-day dust.  The blind should be fully extended and wiped from top to bottom with a mild solution of warm water and household detergent.

Any spots or stains that aren’t removed may be treated with a stain removal product – however, we recommend that you carry out a patch test in a hidden area before going to work!  It’s also worth remembering that any product containing bleach may affect the colour of the blinds.

If you find over time that the sidewinder mechanism has become stiff and a little difficult to use, it may have become dirty with dust or grease.  Wipe the plastic cover with a damp cloth and then spray silicon spray into the sidewinder (taking care not to spray the blind fabric itself) to help loosen up the mechanism.

Motorised Blinds

To clean your motorised blinds, firstly ensure that they are fully extended.  Now you can clean the dust or dirt from the surface using the brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner. If your blinds are at height, this may need an extendable attachment.  Additionally, the fabric can be gently wiped down using a damp cloth, as with roller blinds.

The important thing to remember with motorised blinds is to ensure that you don’t pull the blind sharply in order to prevent any damage to the motorised mechanism.

These tips will help to keep your blinds maintained and looking fresh.  For further maintenance, Swanmac offers a maintenance and repairs service. Please contact a member of our team via 029 2081 1458 for more details.