The Double Roller Blind System

Blinds have long been thought of as a versatile and stylish product – and as experts in the supply and installation of blinds in many sectors, we naturally agree!

However, innovation is constant and shading solutions are always evolving.  One of the latest and increasingly popular developments is the Double Roller Blind System.

Through innovative design, this system comprises a dual roller blind that gives choice on the levels of light allowed to enter the room.  The system incorporates two blinds, one is made from sunscreen fabric which protects from harmful rays, maintains heat and offers privacy.  The second layer is made from blackout fabric which is perfect for total darkness when you want to sleep, deliver a presentation or give a lecture.

The two blinds are operated individually. By working independently of each other, the user is able to precisely select the desired functionality at any given time.  And there is more.

Effectively a 2-4-1, the double roller blind system can be built into a cassette which is also space-saving.  In addition, they are easily maintained and wipe-clean; making it a durable, stylish and cost-effective solution.

Double roller blind systems are increasingly popular with our clients.  If you would like to find out more, then please contact our team via