The benefits of motorised blinds for education and business

A popular choice of blinds in commercial and education settings is motorised blinds. It’s no

surprise because the benefits are many – but are they worth the additional investment that remote-controlled or motorised blinds require? Let’s take a look.

  1. Difficult to reach windows are easily managed

This is increasingly a challenge in commercial and educational buildings, particularly modern ones.  As modern-day architecture embraces natural light, we are increasingly working with multi-storey window height. Whilst visually attractive and maximising the wonder of natural light, windows at height create an accessibility problem when there is a need for shading. Motorised blinds overcome this at the touch of a button.

  1. Energy efficiency

With so many multi-storey windows and windows at height, motorised blinds also help energy efficiency. In making the windows easily accessible, it is far easier to close the blinds to keep heat in when required during colder months.

  1. Safety

Motorisation means that there is no need for chains or cords.  The absence of these then minimises the risk of ligature. This is particularly important in schools where young children are at play because cords and chains can be seen as playthings by younger children without any thought for safety.

Sadly, ligature isn’t always an accident.  The instances of suicide in young males are increasingly under debate, with death by hanging the most common method used.  The opportunity for this to happen is reduced through the use of motorised window blinds and chains and cords are not used at all.

  1. Minimal disruption

Motorised blinds operate conveniently, smoothly and silently. This ensures that any disruption in the workplace, or classroom is minimised, thanks to the press of a button.

Additionally, there is no requirement to access the window directly and therefore having to ask people to move out of their seats in order to reach a chain or cord to adjust the blinds. It’s all done conveniently and remotely and with no jostling for position!

  1. Accessibility for everyone

Remote-controlled blinds are inclusive! For those who may be disabled or have mobility issues, whether a member of staff or a student in an accommodation block, motorised blinds enable everyone to adapt window shading exactly when it’s needed.

Blinds offer the perfect shading solution for educational and commercial settings.  The addition of remote and motorised features simply extend the benefits further.  If you would like to talk to a member of the Swanmac team about your requirements, please contact us.