Anti-ligature products eliminate the points where a cord, rope, or bed sheet (for example) can be looped or tied to a fixture to create a point of ligature, which may result in self harm or death.

Swanmac offers a range of products to mental health service providers that eliminate the risk of self harm and suicide of service users whilst in their care.

Anti-Ligature Testing and Training

All anti-Ligature products should be operated and tested in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions to ensure optimum safety and performance. Commonly most manufacturers recommend a yearly inspection to ensure that the curtain rails are operating appropriately and that the rail and fixings are free from damage.

The weight at which a curtain / curtain rail releases depends on:

  • The correct installation
  • Wear and tear during operation
  • Misuse or damage
  • Weight, length and drop of the curtains
  • The weight at which the curtains / rail drops (NB: This will differ depending on the client group)
  • Other obstructions / hazards which may interfere with normal operation


Swanmac offer the below Anti-Ligature services;

  • Testing and auditing new and old Anti-Ligature products.
  • Full fitting and Maintenance service of All Anti-Ligature products.
  • Please contact Team Swanmac if you require our services.

For further details on any of our anti-ligature roller blinds, vertical blinds or curtain track products, please download our brochures or call the Swanmac sales team on 029 2081 1458.

Kestrel anti ligature roller blind

Kestrel range

Our Kestrel® magnetic anti-ligature products include a range of curtain tracks, roller blinds, vertical blinds and also a range of cloakroom equipment to ensure an entirely safe bedroom and bathroom environment.

Appliances such as curtain tracks and blinds are held by short-range magnetic attraction. The magnetic brackets are discreet and attractive and should an abnormal weight be applied, the magnetic force is overcome and the fitting separates, immediately releasing the load.

The beauty of our anti-ligature lies not only in their safety however. Because many of these products are magnetic, they can be used again and again.

Silent Gliss 6650 Anti-ligature Cubicle Track

Silent Gliss range

Silent Gliss Anti-ligature tracks are designed with safety as a priority. These products are commonly used in hospitals or other areas where self-harm could be an issue. They are created to remain firmly in place during normal operation, but if there is an attempt to add a ligature to the track, it will start to detach once a specific weight is reached – the track shouldn’t detach just due to heavy handling.

These anti-ligature cubicle tracks also have a dust-proof cover, and this is going to be important in environments where cross-infection could be a risk. This track is used exclusively with the 6650 Safety Device System, and it is available to buy in white, silver, or black. It can be used many different types of cubicle layout. We have anti-ligature tracks in stock here at Swanmac.

J-Track range

J-Track range

The J-Trak is an Anti Ligature resistant fixed curtain track – unique glider runners designed to fall from the track profile when a specific weight is applied, ideal for Custody Suites, Prisons, Care Homes and Mental Health.  These tracks can be ceiling fixed or Wall fixed.