Commercial curtain range



We are proud of our selection of curtains here at Swanmac, and we have options suitable for commercial property, universities, hospitals, and nursing homes.

For example, our Venus range is an excellent choice if you are looking for an elegant look, and these curtains are flame retardant and available in 36 colours. The Manhattan catalogue includes some eye-catching designs in a range of colours to create different moods. Their compass range includes 12 colours and an innovative collection of patterns.

If you are looking for something classy yet practical, you might want to consider something from the Dauphine range, with 37 colours to choose from. Have a look through our collection to see what you like, and once you have found something suitable, you can give is a call.

Blackout curtains

Blackout range

In addition to fully blocking out sunlight, blackout curtains are also an excellent choice if you want to reduce noise and improve insulation in a building, potentially cutting your energy bills. That makes them an excellent choice for hotels, nursing homes and hospitals, where people expect a good night’s sleep without disturbance. Blackout curtain fabrics are also well-suited to schools and nurseries, reducing noise and allowing children to concentrate.

Our blackout material is heavy-duty and can stand up to the constant use it would receive in these more public settings. Blackout fabric is also fire retardant, an important consideration in buildings such as hotels and nursing homes, where many people are gathered and the fire risk can be high.

With a variety of blackout fabrics and styles for you to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the right blackout curtains to suit your building. If you would like more advice, feel free to contact our expert team.

Dimout curtains

Dimout Fabrics

Decorative dimout fabrics in a range of plain and semi-plain woven materials produced with a very dense weave to create a versatile selection of opacities having up to 98% light exclusion. All of our decorative dimout curtains are fire retardant providing safety as well as impeccable design.

Please get in touch with our expert team for more advice.

Sheer curtains

Sheer Curtain Fabrics

Ranging from a refined organza pin stripe to a stylish linen look, these fire retardant Sheers will add a new dimension to window decoration.

Sheer curtains are wonderful transition pieces between indoor and outdoor living spaces. They can enhance a room’s ambience through the softening of incoming light, the framing of your windows, and the creating of an impression that your rooms have more height.

Sheer Curtains are an excellent solution for the office environment.

Swanmac Curtains

Wool Serge

Wool Serge is our biggest range of staging fabric we stock and is also the most popular with our customers. Its versatility makes it a perfect fit for theatrical drapes, borders, legs and skirting. Our Black Wool Serge fabric comes in three different styles and is ideal if you’re looking for a fabric that dampens sound or adjusts the acoustic properties of a venue. As Wool Serge is heavier and denser than other fabrics, it prevents a minimal amount of light creeping through the sides, top and bottom of the drape. This presents you with a seamless blackout stage solution for touring shows, dressing rooms, theatres school halls and working clubs.

Although Black Wool Serge is our most popular of styles, we also stock the fabric in a variety of different colours such as Chromaky Blue or Chromaky Green which are also widely used in television and photography studios. All of our wool serge fabrics are durably flame retardant and will withstand a number of cleanings before needing to be reinstated.


  • 100% Wool 500gm/sqm
  • Conforms to BS5867 Part2:B
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Shade cards are available on request

If you require more information on wool serge or any of our other materials, please get in touch with our expert team.