Cubicle tracks



Cubicle track systems offer practical, user friendly, privacy solutions for a full range of healthcare requirements. Swanmac have been installing such systems nationally since our beginning in 1974.

From standard bed enclosures, to larger bed and ward layouts, shower rooms, including a full range to mitigate risks with anti-ligature systems, Swanmac are your go-to contractor to find a solution and install to a recognised standard.

We have also installed cubicle tracking to other applications including hair and beauty departments, clinical laboratories, performing arts, and most recently, vaccination centres.

These tracks can be combined together to create a seamless line, and this can be desirable when cubicles are situated closely together. All of these products are highly durable, and many come with a dust cover to lower the risk of cross-infection.

Most types of curtaining will fit into this versatile product range, including disposable curtains, complete with quick feed/ release system for ease and speed of changeover.

Cubicle track

Silent Gliss

Swanmac is a distributor for Silent Gliss 6100 (standard) and 6650 (anti – ligature) cubicle track systems. For over 40 years, Silent Gliss is the most widely used hospital cubicle system in the world, and Swanmac are covered by the support and knowledge, that only comes with such experience.

Silent Gliss 6650 Anti-ligature Cubicle Track


Anti-ligature cubicle tracks are designed with safety as a priority. This product is commonly used in hospitals or other areas where self-harm could be an issue. It is created to remain firmly in place during normal operation, but if there is an attempt to add a ligature to the track, it will start to detach once a specific weight is reached – the track shouldn’t detach just due to heavy handling.



During the first Covid-19 UK lockdown, the team at Swanmac put their heads together and came up with another cubicle track based product, but one that would assist healthcare providers in rapid deployment of bed spaces, where fully fitted cubicle track systems were either not able to be installed in time, or systems not required for long durations.

So the Tempascreen was developed, a portable cubicle screen – complete with a disposable curtain – just follow this link!