Curtain tracks



Our range of curtain tracks includes the most popular and highest quality items available; the Silent Gliss 6100 is commonly used in hospital environments, but it would also be suitable for commercial properties.

Swanmac are one of the leading suppliers of top quality hand drawn curtains. We keep plenty of products in stock, whilst our competitive prices mean that it needn’t be expensive to purchase the curtains that you need for use in any environment.


Anti-ligature curtain tracks detach if a weight of greater than 4kg to 6kg is applied. This safety precaution is desirable for use in high-risk areas such as hospitals or schools. These tracks remain firmly in place under normal conditions and even heavy use is unlikely to lead to an accidental detachment. The Silent Gliss 6290 is designed to be affixed to the ceiling, and it comes with a blue glider that causes the curtains to gradually detach once a weight of 8kg is applied. The Silent Gliss 6021 offers similar functionality as the 6290 but it is affixed to a wall.

Hand Drawn Curtains

Available in a variety of striking styles and eye-catching colours, these hand drawn curtains will make the perfect addition to any window, whilst their quality construction means you can expect to enjoy many years of style from your curtains. Shop now to see what’s currently in stock.


Cord Operated Curtain Tracks

Swanmac Ltd have a great range of cord operated curtain tracks in stock and our fantastic prices mean that you’ll always receive great value for money when ordering from us. Cord operation can prevent your curtains become soiled or dirty, and will make it easy to open or close curtains even when they are difficult to reach. This can be particularly useful for large windows, or in areas where curtains need to be operated regularly. Take a look at our product range now to see what we have available, and order today to take advantage of our competitive prices and exceptional customer service.

Swanmac Curtains

Stage Track

Sold widely around the world, T60 Stage Track is a great product with a great history. T60 is a reliable, dependable, high quality stage track designed to meet the exacting requirements of any stage. Designed with the entertainment industry in mind, T60 stage track can be supplied with switch points, reverse curves, banjo ends, and swivel arm carriers as standard. T60 can be used for rear-folding & beam tracked systems and a vast range of scenery & drape motion applications. Suitable for electric drives, hand winches, handline or walkalong operation, the highly versatile T60 Stage Track can be manufactured to meet any configuration you may require.