We are proud of our selection of curtains here at Swanmac, and we have options suitable for commercial property, universities, hospitals, and nursing homes.

For example, our Venus range is an excellent choice if you are looking for an elegant look, and these curtains are flame retardant and available in 36 colours. The Manhattan catalogue includes some eye-catching designs in a range of colours to create different moods. Their compass range includes 12 colours and an innovative collection of patterns.

If you are looking for something classy yet practical, you might want to consider something from the Dauphine range, with 37 colours to choose from. Have a look through our collection to see what you like, and once you have found something suitable, you can give is a call.

Standard Curtains

Our range of standard curtains here at Swanmac Ltd provides options suitable for many different environments and uses. These products are usually suitably flame-retardant, but you will find exact details in the description of individual products. For example, the Manhattan range benefits from a selection of eye-catching designs, and this is one of our most popular options. If you are looking for something a bit more sophisticated, you might choose one of the 36 option in our Venus range. Compass curtains are arguably the most stylish, and this is available in a number of warm colours. With so many options, we are sure there is something in our standard curtain range to suit your exact needs. Check out the category below for our full selection, and call us direct with any questions or special requirements.

Disposable Curtains

Disposable curtains are commonly used in hospital environments in order to limit the likelihood of cross-infection. This product not only needs to capable of providing sufficient privacy, but it also must be simple enough that busy health professionals can install and remove the curtain easily and quickly. It is usually possible to add the curtains without having to use a ladder, and they can be simply snapped off when it is time to change them.

Our disposable curtains are suitable for even the busiest of environments, and they provide a suitable barrier between cubicles and the rest of the clinical area. You can purchase your disposable curtains using our straightforward online ordering system here at Swanmac, and we can happily advise on the most suitable products for your environment.

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