Healthcare Blinds



Ever since the company was founded in 1974, Swanmac have been supplying and installing blinds for the healthcare sector.

Below are our best-selling blinds for the healthcare environment.

Solaris roller blinds for healthcare

Roller Blinds

Our Solaris roller blinds are made for small to medium size windows and when a smart, unobtrusive look is required.  Solaris roller blinds are simple manually-operated shades.

Healthcare Blackout Kuro chain

Blackout Roller blinds

Our Kuro blackout blinds are an easy and reliable way to alternate between daylight and total blackout. With fully enclosed head box and side channels any light is completely cut out when the blind is lowered.

Kuro printed blackout blinds

Printed Roller Blinds

At Swanmac we are able to print custom designs onto your roller blinds.  This is a great way to add character to your room and can also be used to advertise / inform people with information and images.

Vertical healthcare blinds

Vertical Blinds

Our selection of vertical blinds are stylish, practical, and an ideal way to guard your privacy – these blinds are also capable of providing you with adequate protection against the damaging effects of the sun.

PVC blinds

PVC Fabric

Compatible with all blind systems above, our PVC fabric has been tried and tested by medical professionals for many decades and have proven to be safe and reliable when it matters the most. It is especially useful for stopping cross contamination.

PVC is an easily recyclable plastic, and in several countries around the world hospitals collect and recycle non-infectious PVC medical devices, which are then turned into useful new products.