Conventional curtains for healthcare



At Swanmac we offer a wide variety of curtain choices for the healthcare sector. Reusable and washable curtains provide benefits to a clinical environment as well. They can improve patient comfort, reduce long-term costs, decrease waste and provide a more sustainable option to single-use disposable curtains.

Good quality reusable curtains can last up to 10 years, depending on the environment in which they are used.

We offer a range of stylish designs on a choice of flame-retardant base fabrics. Widely used in healthcare, hospitality, public buildings and domestic homes these curtains can withstand commercial laundry. First choose your design, then choose your print base fabric. If you’re looking for something different, our Bespoke Design and Contract Print solutions can create and deliver that special fabric for your project.

Be free to get in touch with our team for samples and more information.