Roller blinds



By far our most popular blind, simple in design, practical to use and durable, the roller blind is a performer in many applications.

Swanmac offer a range of roller blinds that can typically span from 200mm up to 4500mm with some larger systems even providing a width greater than this. Again adaptability in control methods from chain to crank handle through to the motorised operation with radio remote for ultimate control.

Each of our Roller blind systems are designed for different environments and functions.  Take a look at the below subsections to see which system is most relevant to your requirements.

Standard Chain operated Roller System

Standard chain operated roller system

Solaris roller blinds are simple manually-operated shades. Featuring the classic 32mm, 40mm and 45mm aluminium roller tubes with chain mechanisms to suit.

This system has sturdy steel brackets and a spring-loaded bearing. Exposed aluminium or concealed hembar options are available. Side guidewires can be added if required

Large heavy duty roller system

Large heavy duty roller system

Helios roller blinds are built for large windows and demanding applications.  They feature 3mm thick steel fixing brackets and a range of extruded aluminium roller tubes, from 38mm to 75mm in diameter.

Helios shades can be operated manually via chain or crank handle, or motorised with many control options available.  Multiple blinds can be coupled together to work from a single drive.

Aesthetically, the system can be enhanced with aluminium headbox or fascia sections, which can be powder coated to any RAL colour.  A range of exposed aluminium or concealed hembar options are available.  Side guidewires can also be added.

Medium duty roller system

Medium duty roller system

Sirios roller blinds are made for small to medium size windows and when a smart, unobtrusive look is required. Fixing brackets are small and discreet. Extruded aluminium roller tubes range from just 29mm diameter up to 44mm.

Sirios shades are available with not only low voltage, solar-powered and battery motors, but they are also one of the most compact 240V motorised blinds on the market. Manual operation is available via chain, crank handle or slow-rise spring. Multiple blinds can be coupled together.
Neat and compact headbox or fascia can be specified. Side channel or side guidewire options can also be added. Exposed aluminium or concealed hembar options complete the look.

Orbis cassette and side channel

Miniature blackout roller system

Orbis roller binds can fit in places that other blind systems can’t. Featuring an extremely compact rounded headbox that measures only 55 x 60mm.

Manual operation is available via chain or tensioned cord. Low voltage, solar-powered or battery options are available for motorisation.

Exposed aluminium or concealed hembar options can be chosen. Side channels or side guidewires can also be added if required.

Silent Gliss roller systems

Swanmac offer the full range of Silent Gliss Roller Blind systems whether spring, chain, battery or electrically operated, you can shade your room from translucent to blackout by choosing from our wide blind selection.

Silent Gliss Roller blind systems are available with the below control mechanisms.

  • Chain: Simple sophistication, timeless quality — Silent Gliss chain-operated roller blind systems are designed to offer a smooth operation so they work effortlessly, even at maximum dimensions. All our roller blind systems are child safe and fully comply with EN norm 13120.
    Nothing compares with the high quality of the established system SG 4910. Our technology uses a refined spring, which ensures smooth, fingertip operation even on the largest sizes. Chain systems include 4905,4907, 4930, 4840 and of course the 4910 system.
  • Spring: Spring-operated roller blind SG 4900 includes a unique speed controller to ensure a smooth, controlled ascent, and the optional stop controller allows an upper stop limit. The system is child safe and fully complies with EN norm 13120 by breakaway pull ball.
  • Electric: Efficient and quiet. Silent Gliss motorised roller blinds feature virtually silent operation, programmable intermediate stops and a built-in safety stop if the movement is interrupted. The wide range of systems accommodate all blind sizes, weight and preferred control methods. Motorised systems include 4960,4970 and the 4880 system.
  • Battery: Wireless is flawless. Today’s architecture requires products designed for convenience and concealed technology. The Silent Gliss battery-operated roller blind combines wireless shading at the push of a button within a stylish headbox. The Silent Gliss battery system is called the 4955.