Privacy & Protection Screens



Seeing a need, and having both the resource in materials and the contacts in healthcare, Swanmac supply a range of privacy and protection screens for the healthcare sector.

These are grouped into 4 main categories:

Tempa privacy screen

Tempa screen

A cubicle track based product that can be used in a healthcare environment to either compliment an existing bed space layout by dividing larger beds, or establishing entire wards in areas where permeant fixings are not to be used. Manufactured at UK standard height of 2100mm and a length tailored to suit, along with a disposable curtain, and powder coated steel base plates;  these have worked seamlessly into the practical working out of maintaining patient privacy, whilst giving maximum flexibility.

Swanmac type 2 clear Perspex screen

Swanmac Type 2 clear Perspex screen

A simple clear screen, formed from a 6mm polycarb sheet and bespoke cut to size. Using fabricated powder-coated steel bracketry and aluminium profile, this versatile screen is as much at home sitting between two desks as it is in a restaurant servery area, and just about anything in-between!

Type 3 clear Perspex screen

Swanmac Type 3 clear Perspex screen

A big brother to the type 2, this is floor mounted, using a base plate, identical to the base plate for the Tempa screen. Great flexibility with full height or half height screening, with lengths up to 3000mm and the added option of graphics/signage and/or film application to enhance privacy should it be required.



Rapid, hygienic, temporary screening and partitioning. A flexible and versatile screening solution that can be rapidly deployed and easily reconfigured.