Window film & manifestation



Swanmac offer a wide range of window film for multiple purposes:

  • Heat reduction
  • Glare Reduction
  • UV reduction
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Decorative
  • Manifestation & Artwork
UV and Heat reduction

Heat Reduction

Our range of window films are very effective in reducing heat ingress through glass.  This is an effective way of reducing air conditioning bills in the summer months.  Some of our ranges are clear so you wouldn’t even know a film is on the glass!  These products also have a reverse affect where the heat will be maintained in the building during the winter months, again reducing heating bills.

Glare reduction

Glare Reduction

Window film is a great method of reducing glare without installing blinds or curtains.  We have a wide range of films offering a variance in shades and colours. This film can be applied internally or externally creating a very cost effective solution for your glare issues.

UV and Heat reduction

UV Reduction

The sun’s ultra violet (UV) rays, over time, cause colours to fade, fabrics to deteriorate, wood to warp & crack etc.  The damage to your curtains, carpets, floors, furniture and artworks can never be reversed, but it can be considerably prevented ahead of time by installing UV control film, anti-fade window films.

Our specialist grade films provide enhanced UV protection (in technical terms up to 400 nanometers and beyond).  These come in an optically clear film or with additional solar control properties.

Enhanced UV control properties are also required in healthcare applications for certain skin conditions.



Security is a growing concern for our clients in the current age of frequent theft and vandalism. Our window film ranges can prevent thief’s from breaking glass which is commonly installed in Government buildings, banks and other areas of high concern. This is the most cost effective method of making your building secure without changing the appearance of the glass!  We can even install a ‘bomb blast’ quality film which is strong enough to withstand the blast from a bomb!



Our films offer a wide range of privacy products which are widely used in healthcare environments.  The ‘frosted’ type film is our best selling product as this created an etched effect on the glass which is perfect for toilet windows, treatment room and other areas that require privacy.



We stock a wide range of films to offer a decorative solution to large glass areas.  We can create hundreds of patterns/images using our film products to create bespoke finishes for our clients.  This product is most popular in schools and main reception areas for office buildings.


Manifestation and artwork

Every building has a requirement for manifestation to comply with building regulations.  This is applicable to any glazed area that may be a risk for collision. We can apply manifestation in the form of basic dots, stripes or squares or we can custom produce to our clients requests.