Window Film

Whether you want to use window film to gain greater privacy or to shade your building from the sun’s rays, Swanmac Ltd can provide exactly the window film that you require to achieve the desired result.

What’s more, our competitive prices mean that it needn’t cost a fortune to buy the product that you are looking for, and our regularly updated product range means that we’ll always have a great selection of film in stock for you to choose from. Begin by browsing our website now and place your order for a great deal on window film, or contact our team to enquire about a specific product or price.

Frosted Film

As well as adding a distinctive designer style to your office interior, this allows some through-vision for reception areas and meeting rooms, where total screening is not required, but a degree or privacy and a high light transmission are desirable.

Opalux® translucent privacy screening films are used to give two-way privacy without seriously reducing the natural light level. These films have a finely textured matt finish, and are applied to new or existing glass.

Solar Control Film

Reflective Silver – Lower Mirror Neutral Grey – Lower Mirror Bronze – Grey/Silver Privacy Mirror.

Opalux® solar control films offer maximum heat rejection for internally applied films, and are of particular use in combating severe solar heat gains and glare problems. Opalux® solar control film can also provide additional benefits such as daytime one-way privacy, uniform outside appearance, winter heating savings, and as with most Opalux films, up to 99% UV (ultraviolet) filtering.

Opaque Film

Opaque Film, aka Vinyl film, is a very simple way of completely blocking any visual gain. Available in black or white the vinyl film is easily applied to new or existing glass providing blackout and security from prying eyes and breakages.

Opalux Solar Control