DVLA Swansea

DVLA | Swanmac Ltd | Sunscreen Roller Blinds
DVLA | Swanmac Ltd | Sunscreen Roller Blinds
Location: Swansea
Sector: Public Sector
Specifier: Brecongate Projects
Products used: Sunscreen Roller Blinds

The DVLA is a major employer in South West Wales with over 6,000 employees on-site.  Located in a 16-storey block that has been in place for half a century, and allegedly haunted by a medieval monk, the building has become an integral part of the landscape.

Since 2013, all of the DVLA’s work has been centralised and is now processed on-site, rather than across the network of 39 offices that were a part of the DVLA’s real estate.

In 2020, #TeamSwanmac was instructed to install sunscreen roller blinds as a part of a larger refurbishment project.  Sunscreen roller blinds benefit from the use of technical fabric that stops UV and IR light from entering the building, thus protecting staff from any harmful rays.  Thanks to this shielding ability, staff can view computer screens clearly without glare which maintains productivity.

A further benefit is that sunscreen fabric helps to maintain office temperature so that staff can work comfortably without overheating or becoming too cold.

Our highly experienced installation team is able to work onsite outside of standard office hours, ensuring that there is no disruption to staff, or the working day and once installed, our sunscreen roller blinds are tough and designed to last, even with heavy usage.

In this instance, the client opted for manual control, but these blinds are also available with chain, crank and motorised operation.


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