Haberdashers School for Girls

Location: Monmouthshire
Sector: Education
Specifier: John Weaver Contractors
Products used: Crank-operated roller blinds

Haberdashers is an independent boarding school based in Monmouthshire. The current music teaching facilities are deemed no longer to be fit for purpose and so a new performing arts centre is in development.

At a project cost of £2.8 million, this new facility will provide a new and combined 3-storey music, recital, drama and dance hall which replaces an old gymnasium.

Instructed by John Weaver contractors, Swanmac will be installing crank operated roller blinds throughout the new site and electrically operated curtain tracks for windows at high level.

Crank operation eliminates any requirement for cords and chains. By turning the crank, the roller blind is raised or lowered according to current needs. Our crank operated blinds are very easy to use and eradicate any safety concerns that cords and chains bring. As with all of our blinds, the system is easy to use and allows precise positioning of the blind so that the optimum learning, working and, in this instance, performing environment can be achieved.

We’re on site during August and wish our budding performers and scholars much success!

The images are sourced from https://www.habsmonmouth.org/ and https://levittbernstein.co.uk/