Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station - Project C

Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station | Swanmac Ltd
Location: Somerset
Sector: Commercial
Specifier: Bouygues Construction
Products used: Sunscreen roller blinds

Hinkley Point C (HPC) nuclear power station is the first of a new generation of nuclear power stations, and is the first to be built in the UK in over two decades.

Built with 2 nuclear reactors, the project is estimated to cost circa £20 billion and will produce low carbon electricity across its lifespan of 60 years. It will also create 25,000 employment opportunities and up to 1,000 apprenticeships in the area. Construction began in 2016.

EDF Energy has appointed Bouygues UK the £35m contract to design and build the Simulator Training Centre and the HHA Warehouse used for the storage and preparation of primary circuit components.

The Simulator Training Centre will provide facilities for EDF Energy to train operatives in how to control and maintain their reactors, as well as housing the Control Room Training Simulator plus all required IT support equipment.

#TeamSwanmac will be onsite during the Autumn of 2021 to install sunscreen roller blinds, under instruction by Bouygues Construction.  These blinds protect those within the training facility from the sun’s harmful UV rays and are robust to withstand heavy usage.


Images sourced from: https://www.bouygues-uk.com/bouygues-uk-secures-hinkley-point-c-appointment/