HMRC Bristol, 3 Glass Wharf

HMRC Bristol | Roller blinds | Swanmac Ltd
Location: Bristol
Sector: Commercial
Specifier: Wates
Products used: Roller blinds and powder-coated side channels

The HMRC building on Glass Wharf in Bristol is one of 13 regional HMRC hubs, and it opened in 2020.

The building sits across eight storeys and provides working space for 1,650 government employees, the majority of whom are HMRC, with the remainder being officials from government offices.

Our team has been invited on-site to replace all existing blinds with a 1% screen fabric.  Sun glare can often be an issue in office spaces designed to create as much natural light as possible, and this fabric will help reduce glare and create a safer, more comfortable and productive working environment.

We’ll also be retrofitting powder-coated side channels to every blind to ensure that light bleed is minimised to ensure maximum effectiveness.


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