The Principality Stadium

The Principality Stadium
Location: Cardiff
Sector: Commercial, Leisure
Specifier: The Principality Stadium
Products used: Repair and maintenance to blinds and curtains in the lounge and office areas

The Principality Stadium sits in the heart of the City of Cardiff. Replacing the old National Stadium in the year 2000, local residents fought to keep this stadium in the centre of the city after proposals to move it to a more convenient location beyond the centre.  A central stadium of this nature had become a rare phenomenon, yet it delightfully gives Cardiff a unified and festival feel on special occasions.

Whether it’s hosting the Six Nations, a Champions League final, international boxing, Monster Trucks or a run of Ed Sheeran concerts, the stadium is very much entrenched into the hearts of the people of its city. And so the city has a duty of care towards this building!

Swanmac works closely with the stadium to repair and maintain blinds and curtains in the lounge and office areas.  This includes a recent request to repair and renew curtains in the hospitality suites and boxes.  This is crucial work. Whilst these hospitality suites showcase the stadium itself, they also showcase the businesses that hire them for corporate hospitality – and a first-class impression must be maintained.

We also supply and fit wall protection items to lift lobbies and corridors in order to prevent excess damage.

The Swanmac team are proud to support the ongoing maintenance of this iconic stadium!

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