Platform 21, Government Property Agency

Platform 21 | Swanmac Ltd
Platform 21 | Swanmac Ltd
Platform 21 | Swanmac Ltd
Location: Birmingham
Sector: Public Sector
Specifier: ISG Construction
Products used: Bomb blast window film and sunscreen roller blinds

Platform 21, formerly a Woolworths building in the New Street Conservation area has undergone significant redevelopment to become a Government hub for the civil service.

This is the second hub to be launched in the area, following the development of 3 Arena Central. The hubs have been established as a part of a drive to bring vital regeneration projects across the UK, and in doing so, boosting local economies.

Platform 21 is a 10,400 sq.m and will large open plan and dynamic workspaces for 1,700 civil servants.   Additional facilities include bike stores and showers to promote healthy living.

Our installation team was onsite to apply bomb blast window film to all external windows.  Should an incident occur, one square foot of glass has the potential to shatter into hundreds of lethal fragments.  Bomb blast window film works to hold the glass together, should such an incident occur, helping to prevent any shards from being launched into the air.

The team also installed sunscreen roller blinds to all external windows to ensure that the staff are protected from the sun’s rays and have a comfortable environment at all times.


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