Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth

Queen Alexandra Hospital Portsmouth | Blinds | Cubicle Tracks | Swanmac Ltd
Location: Portsmouth
Sector: Healthcare
Specifier: Integrated Health Projects (IHP)
Products used: Roller blinds and cubicle tracks

Now 50 years old, the Emergency Department of the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth requires updating. It is undergoing a £58m redevelopment over two years to ensure it can provide capacity for patients now and in the future.

The new building will provide a much-improved working environment for staff and improve the patient experience. The design will give nursing teams better visibility across the department, which will, in turn, support speedier decision-making by clinicians and provide a better patient experience.

The project will deliver two additional paediatric resus bays, a new CT scanner and faster access to the radiology team.

Speed is crucial in any A&E department, and the new design allows for better flow and communication between each department, including Urgent Care, Paediatrics, Trauma and Adult Majors. Each is to have its own entrance and reception, yet they will all sit around the Imaging Department with links back to the main hospital building, an accredited changing places facility and dedicated rest areas for staff. New ambulance bays will increase the ambulance capacity.

Swanmac has been instructed to supply all roller blinds and cubicle tracks to the new department.

Image courtesy of: https://www.adarchitects.co.uk/projects/new-emergency-department/