Saddleworth School

Location: Manchester
Sector: Education
Specifier: Tilbury Douglas
Products used: Roller Blinds

Saddleworth School is a secondary school for 11-16-year-old pupils. Having been recognised as one of the schools in the worst condition in England and not fit for purpose,  it has now been rebuilt under the Government’s Priority School Building Programme.

Now with a capacity for 1,500 pupils, the school was located in Oldham, but the site had limited land which constrained the potential to rebuild with the desired new facilities. As such, Oldham Council relocated the new £27m school to a new site at Diggle, just 2km away.

The school is due to open in 2022 and will aim to ensure that each pupil is supported to fulfil their own potential and to follow an appropriate pathway of their choice.

#TeamSwanmac will be onsite this summer to install roller blinds throughout. Roller blinds are a significant addition to classrooms as they help to ensure that pupils and staff can work in an environment in which both light and temperature are managed to the desired level, optimising the learning environment.

Our roller blinds are also robust enough to withstand a high level of usage and are wipe-clean, ensuring that if looked after, they easily remain in a pristine condition.


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