Scottish Highlands Community Hospitals

Curtain Tracks | Scottish Highlands Community Hospitals | Swanmac Ltd
Location: Isle of Skye and Aviemore
Sector: Healthcare
Specifier: Deanestor
Products used: Curtain Tracks

As part of an initiative to reshape health and social care across the Scottish Highlands, two new community hospitals are currently under construction, one on the Isle of Skye and the other in Aviemore.

The £40 million project will combine and centralise a range of health and social care services in the region – enabling them to deliver services to a required standard and within affordability caps.

The two hospitals will be prominent buildings within the two small communities they serve and whilst the infrastructure and potential to deliver the best possible services to those communities is paramount, the aesthetic design has been an important aspect of the project.

The hub on Skye, Lochalsh & South West Ross will provide an integrated health and social care hub in Broadford whilst the newly built site in Aviemore will replace two existing in-patient facilities.

Our team will be onsite during August 2021 to install curtain tracks throughout all wards and consultation spaces.  As one of our core health sector products, Swanmac has been installing curtain tracks in the health and care sector for over 40 years. As such, we can offer a wide range of solutions, including standard bed enclosures through to larger ward layouts.