Sea Containers Hotel, London

Wave Curtains | Sea Containers | Swanmac Ltd
Wave Curtains | Sea Containers | Swanmac Ltd
Wave Curtains | Sea Containers | Swanmac Ltd
Location: London
Sector: Commercial
Specifier: London Fit-Out Limited
Products used: Curtains and curtain tracks

Sea Containers is a 359-bedroom hotel with a restaurant, bar, rooftop bar, spa and cinema.  It was originally designed as a waterfront hotel in the 1960s, but during the mid-70s, became occupied by the Sea Containers shipping company.  Re-instated as a hotel in 2014, and now managed by the Lore Group, it is so named in homage to its beginnings as the site of the now-defunct Sea Containers company

Rooms have been designed to reflect the building’s nautical links, all reminiscent of the 1920s transatlantic liners. Each has double, queen or king beds, bespoke furniture and en-suite marble bathrooms.

Our team will be onsite during 2022 for a phased installation of a range of specs of wave curtains.  Wave curtains are stylish and a great solution for open-plan office spaces where they can be used to segment the room and provide privacy and acoustic benefits. The fabric hangs from a wave curtain track to present a uniform ‘wave’.  When open, the curtains will concertina neatly with the wave effect appearing when the curtains are closed.

The curtains will be fitted to Silent Gliss 6100 metroflat tracks.  These are hand-operated curtain track systems that provide a contemporary interior design finish.


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