St Bartholomew’s Hospital

St Barts Hospital, London
Location: London
Sector: Healthcare
Specifier: Deanstor
Products used: Curtains and curtain tracks

#TeamSwanmac has been appointed by Deanstor to install a range of curtains and curtain tracks at the new St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London this Spring.

In a partnership with not-for-profit Nuffield Health, Barts Health NHS Trust has leased its former pathology dept and staff quarters to Nuffield Health, which will result in the only independent hospital in Central London.

The hospital will specialise in cardiac surgery, oncology, cardiology and orthopaedics across 48 beds and 4 operating theatres.  It will also be home to 28 consultation rooms as well as physiotherapy and health assessment services.

Construction is much anticipated and the works will bring historic NHS owned estate back to life.  Particular attention is being paid to ensuring that the area’s heritage is preserved, including Roman burial objects and the protection of a traditional red telephone box recently made famous by the BBC’s much-admired detective series, Sherlock.

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