St. George's Health and Wellbeing Hub, London

Wellbeing Hub | Hornchurch | London | Swanmac Ltd | Blinds
Location: Hornchurch
Sector: Healthcare
Specifier: McLaren Construction
Products used: Crank-operated roller blinds and vertical blinds

The St George’s Health and Wellbeing Hub will provide primary care, mental health and prevention services, cancer care, and dialysis in a single £28m new centre. 

The building has been designed to stand across three storeys, and its construction uses a mix of traditional and modern construction methods to ensure timely delivery with minimal disruption to the area. 

The Hub will focus on prevention rather than cure through early intervention and wellbeing. Patients will be able to access a range of services when visiting, simplifying preventative support.

#TeamSwanmac will be onsite to install crank-operated roller blinds and vertical blinds throughout.  Vertical blinds are a perfect solution in hubs such as this, allowing staff to adjust the slats’ position to provide privacy while allowing them to see beyond the window itself. 



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