Swan House, Manchester

Swan House Manchester | Swanmac Ltd | Blackout Wave Curtains
Location: Manchester
Sector: Residential
Specifier: RG Group
Products used: Blackout wave curtains

Swan House is a high-quality residential development for the Private Rented Sector. The building will be set across two towers; the towers, one 32-storey and one 14-storey will be connected by a 6-storey plinth.

As a part of the regeneration of central Manchester, it will provide 373 in number 1,2 and 3-bed apartments.  These will include affordable living homes plus 12 serviced apartments. The ground level will also accommodate retail units.

The building has been designed with materials that allow future maintenance whilst remaining functional and in keeping with the new aesthetic of the city centre.

#TeamSwanmac is instructed to install blackout wave curtains to all windows during Q4 of this year.   Blackout wave curtains are curtains designed to block out light from entering a room, but also help to reduce noise and improve insulation which is an important feature for buildings with large glazed areas.  The “wave” refers to the style of the curtain header, which creates a flowing, wave-like effect when hung on a rod and provides a fluid, attractive design.



Image courtesy of: https://www.simpsonhaugh.com/projects/swan-house