Translational Research Facility, Cardiff University

TRF | Cardiff University | Sunscreen Roller Blinds | Swanmac Ltd
Location: Cardiff
Sector: Education
Specifier: Bouygues-UK
Products used: Sunscreen roller blinds

The Translational Research Hub (TRH) is a part of Cardiff University’s £300m innovation that will transform the Maindy campus in the centre of the Welsh capital.

The TRH campus itself will become the research hub for two world-leading institutes, the Cardiff Catalysis Institute for research in chemical sciences and the Institute for Compound Semiconductors, which aims to bring together researchers and industry in developing a European renowned compound semiconductor facility.

Within the site, researchers and students will work across all disciplines becoming policy influencers and developing enterprises that will create products, commercial and social enterprises.

#TeamSwanmac is to install sunscreen roller blinds to all perimeter windows during the Summer of 2022.  These roller blinds are economical on space, robust to withstand heavy usage and operate seamlessly and quietly – all the while providing essential protection from the sun’s rays, yet enabling natural light to flood the building.