School of Management, University of Bath

University of Bath
University of Bath
Location: Bath
Sector: Education
Specifier: Bouygues-UK
Products used: Roller blinds and venetian blinds

The School of Management, University of Bath is creating a brand new school that will centre on the collaboration.  Aesthetically and functionally, the building will focus on engagement between students, employers, and academics.

To promote such collaboration the 13,000 m2 site will offer a Student Entrepreneurship Lab, Employment Hub, Research Lab and Supply Chain Innovation Lab.  In addition to these development areas, there will be no less than 8 lecture theatres, a 250-seat auditorium plus spaces to study, work communally and also eating areas.

Instructed by Bouygues-UK, Team Swanmac will be onsite during 2021 to install hundreds of manually operated roller blinds and Venetian blinds.

Our roller blinds are space-saving and come in a range of fabrics that provide shade from the sun’s harmful rays, are fire retardant and wipe-clean. This ensures that regardless of how much they are used, they will maintain their appearance.

Venetian blinds enable the manipulation of light by making minor adjustments throughout the day as the sun moves. Also available in a range of colours and fabrics, they are the ultimate in chic, durability and of course, shading effectiveness.

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