The Wales Millennium Centre


Millennium Centre
Location: Cardiff
Sector: Leisure
Specifier: DDP Construction
Products used: Curtains and tracks

Project Description

The Wales Millennium Centre (WMC) is a 37,000m² world-class opera house and performing arts centre in Cardiff.  It became the permanent home the Welsh National Opera when it opened its doors in November 2004.

This impressive building was designed to ensure that it’s ‘Welshness’ was immediately apparent.  It was constructed using Welsh slate, and a metal dome treated with copper oxide that has led to Cardiffians fondly referring to the building as ‘the armadillo’.  The interior was designed using woods, neatly interwoven and perhaps of most significance is the calligraphy inscribed on the front of the dome – all fully accessible from visitors and patrons from within the building.

Within the building, itself is an acoustically renowned auditorium, along with meeting rooms, restaurants, shops, bars and cafes.  WMC is also home to six leading Welsh cultural organisations including charities and theatre companies – not forgetting the Welsh National Opera of course!

Following instruction by DDP Construction, the team Swanmac is delighted to install curtains and tracks at this world-class facility!