What is the difference between radio and hard-wired electric controlled blinds?

Electrically controlled blinds are the perfect solution when a sleek, minimalist design is required for any window, or when windows are at height or difficult to reach. They can be radio or hard-wired and here we discuss the difference between them

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What is a radio-controlled electric blind?

A radio-controlled electric blind uses a radio frequency remote control handset to operate the blinds from any location as long as it’s within the range of the remote control. This provides effortless blind control.  The handset can also be fitted to a wall if required (similarly to a hard-wired switch).

Furthermore, the blind is aesthetically neat and subtle with the motor fitted invisibly into the blind and thus no requirement for a visible blind controller such as a chain, or crank handle. As seen in the below image, there is no visible control method for the electric blind.

What is a hard-wired controlled electric blind?

A hard-wired controlled electric blind uses an electrical switch wired into a wall, from which the blind can be operated from at the touch of a button.  This is an ideal solution in commercial environments where practical and effortless operation is preferred, whilst eradicating the potential complication of misplacing a remote control!

How are electric blinds powered?

Electric blinds are generally connected to the electrical system within a building, so the blind is wired to the electrical circuit to ensure a reliable source of power.

Do electrically operated blinds have any other features?

Both radio and hard-wired electric controlled blinds can both be programmed to control various blinds at one time.  If a number of electric blinds are installed within an environment, the radio controller or hard-wired switch can be programmed to operate several blinds at once, so all the blinds within a room can be opened and closed simultaneously, saving time and effort.

Another great feature of electric blinds is that they can be operated via a building management system, for a seamless operation.  This means that the blinds can be controlled from the same system that often controls the lighting, heating and air conditioning.  This is a popular option for large office complexes where multiple areas require synchronised shading to ensure a comfortable working environment.

This brings many possibilities to the control of light and heat within an environment, with selected blinds being operated at different intervals.  The exact operation is briefed by our clients and programmed at the installation stage.

Electrically operated blinds are a very popular shading solution because they are easy to use and can be minimal from a design perspective.  To talk to our team about further benefits, or to obtain a quotation, please email sales@swanmac.com in the first instance.